Tutorials, tips, tricks, and advice I wish I had been exposed to when I first started 3D printing.

3D printing involves a lot of trial and error, tinkering, and problem solving in order to get great quality prints. Here are some things I have learned along the way that have helped me to get the most out of my 3D printer and prints!

Video Gallery

Platform Adhesion - Skirt, Brim, and Raft 

Glass Bed and Thermal Silicone Pad

Metal Inserts

LED Lights for 3D Prints

Instructional video on how to make the Tri Fidget Toy Spinner

Gopro Mount Tutorial

Styling the hairy lion hair using boiling water technique

How to lubricate / grease your 3d printer

How to unclog / unjam your 3D printer nozzle / extruder 

How to clean the glass bed to your 3D printer

How to build a DIY Filament Storage container