3D Printed Electric Guitar

After many hours of CAD design, numerous failed prints, trial and error followed by more trial and error, and a total of 70 hours of total print time, I am very pleased with my first 3D printed guitar! The inspiration came after stumbling across a company called ODD Guitars founded by creative designer Olaf Diegel. With limited resources I set out to create a functioning and aesthetically pleasing electric guitar with a Les Paul style. This project helped me to enhance my CAD skills and helped me to learn  how to integrate a 3D printed design with hardware and electronics. The journey I went on while creating this guitar was fantastic, and I was happy to be able to bring together two of my passions, 3D printing and music. 

Below I have posted photos of the final product, I show some screenshots of the CAD model, and have a product list of all the materials I used (in case you decide you would like to make your own). The body of the guitar was printed using my Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

3D Printed Guitar 1
3D Printed Guitar 2
3D Printed Guitar 3


Total Print Time = 70 Hours

Total Material Cost = $185.89 (See Component List Below)

Solidworks CAD Model

3D Printed Guitar CAD 1
3D Printed Guitar CAD 2

Finished 3D Printed Electric Guitar (Les Paul Style)

3D Printed Guitar Front View
3D Printed Guitar Back View

Component List


Guitar Neck Replacement Maple Fingerboard for Fender Tele Style Electric Guitar

Vendor = Amazon
Cost  = $27.99